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Welcome to CatholicSaints.Co.

What place is this?

This is the development site for a conversion of the contents of CatholicSaints.Info from a WordPress to a MediaWiki form.

What's a CatholicSaints.Info?

CatholicSaints.Info is an on-going hobby (obsession) site collecting information about the saints, beati, venerables, servants of God, devotions and other matters about the Catholic Church. It has spun off to a compact, parallel site, CatholicSaints.Mobi, which has become part of the Laudate mobile app.

Why the conversion?

Putting the site together has, so far, been a one man operation. And it shows. I'm still thousands of pages short of even having an entry for each saint on the calendar. Many of the pages still read like first drafts (they are). And I want to spin off additional projects such as converting book scans to ebooks, making audio books, podcasts and videos, increased use of social media, and in general spreading information about your extended family in heaven. And, not to be morbid about it, but I may get hit by a beer truck one day, and I would hate to see all this stuff just dry up and go 404.
Plus, and here it gets personal so feel free to skip this paragraph, I keep seeing things, hearing things, bumbling across things that remind me that being Catholic is to be part of a community. I am, by nature, an introvert, and the life of a hermit is not unattractive; gimme a cave with a good broadband connection and I'll be fine. But I keep getting reminded that to be in communion with the Church, I need to be part of the community of the Church.
Put all this together and you'll see why I want to open this up to folks who would like to help.

Why Mediawiki instead of Wordpress?

Wordpress is a great, flexible, powerful blogging platform that can be modified to turn it into a reference web site (you'll see the term Content Management System or CMS used; it means the same thing). And you can easily have multiple people working on a project. But Mediawiki, the software behind Wikipedia and thousands of other sites, is built from the ground up for projects like this, and includes a lot of behind-the-scenes tools to manage the information, pages, files, users, etc. It's just a better choice to open this up to additional users.
Plus, the conversion will give me a chance to some quick editting and fix some problems I've spotted.

So how's it coming along?

3,343 of ~52,000 pages imported

How can you help?

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